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With the dust of the Australian continent firmly in her veins, from travelling the nation with her family as a child, and the world ever since has
given Marisa Yeaman has a bagful of life experience that would be at home in a Kerouac novel. Her strength as a writer lies in the ability to connect the
contradictions of the lives we lead and polarise them into songs which stay with the listener long after the notes fade.

If songs are a journal of the times we live in, then Marisa has been writing her own truth for most of her life. Her sound is her own, worn off the edges of country twang, the soulfulness of the blues and the literal sensibility of modern day folk. Add a voice drenched in real experience, rich from a roar to a whisper, and aching with passion and you begin to understand why Yeaman never quite fits squarely into any musical box.

Her music has had radio airplay in over 19 countries, and accolades from across the world. This year Marisa became the only Australian artist ever to be invited to write and perform for a project with the prestigious Van Gogh Museum, and also the Groninger Museum in The Netherlands. She spent most of 2010-12 living in Holland. A touring artist who has played regularly for many years now in Europe, UK, USA and Australia, building a loyal audience for her work. From International festival stages, to intimate venues, she has worked alongside some of the most respected songwriters of our times including Tom Russell, Chris Smither and Ron Sexsmith.

After almost a decade of work as a live musician in Australia, Marisa’s self released debut album ‘Pure Motive’ in 2005 climbed to #19 on the critic based
European Americana Charts. Her follow up album ‘Roadmap Heart’ in 2008, climbed to # 11, and earned accolades and airplay from across the world.
Now after many more miles, many notes and many songs, her highly anticipated third release ‘Voices from the Underground’ debuted at number 4 on the European Americana Charts. In age where hype is often the measure of success, Yeaman is one of those rare artists who’s honesty touches something
real and tangible in the human soul. Listeners continue to discover her, purely on the strength of her talent.

‘Voices from the Underground’ brims with stories of everyday people in several countries, characters who exist on the outside of the mainstream, the
outsiders, misfits, and visionaries. She says, “In a world so often driven by consumption and acquisition, it sometimes feels everything is measured by it’s commercial value, or by potential advertising mileage. These songs looks beyond the veneer of society to tell some of the stories of people who are motivated by the ‘pure love or passion’ of what they do.”

A truly independent artist, Marisa Yeaman produces and releases her own music, and continues to carve her own following through her captivating live performances. An authentic and intimate performer, she writes with the eye of a journalist, and the heart of a traveller. This female troubadour continues to traverse the world touching audiences large and small.

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