Marisa Yeaman is an Australian who has swapped the dusty landscape of her continent for the Dutch coast. From the desert sand to the beach of Scheveningen, where they occupy an apartment is maybe not such a big step. 'Voices From The Underground' (Deep Pearl Records / Sonic Rendezvous) is her third CD. For the album she flew back to Australia where they recorded an album of twelve original compositions. The mastering took place in the studio BJ Baartmans. The first song 'Warm Night In Austin' makes clear that she has a penchant for Americana. She proclaims in the song that she is an intruder from another continent, but that they feel at home in the Texas music city. Nevertheless, she tries to conquer the world temporarily from Netherlands as a base. She does that with a country and folk-rooted songs like 'Montmartre Tonight' and 'Roadcase Blues', for naturally one must be well traveled in this genre.
John Gjaltem

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'Voices from the Underground' - Marisa Yeaman
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