Poet - Egbert Hovencamp

Poem, written 'on the spot' during the first set of Marisa singing her songs at the LaunchParty of her cd "VOICES FROM THE UNDERGROUND" -
Café 't Keerpunt, Spijkerboor 10th of April 2011


Dust in my mouth
ramblin' on
butterfly high
no fences no offences
dream on
no fences no limits
just power to dream
just wings
butterfly high
you don't need eyes to see
you need vision*

there's music
there's going on
there's speed of light
there's this noise
there's this road
this pieces
this hunger
(I don't care about)
after all my life to live
there's this storm
there's this highway
there's love carrying me home
this human race I ramble in
goin' on goin' home

(and I, I walk in and out of this café
'cause I'm slowly falling in love
with the voice and her and the scenes
she puts into my inside-life
and I say "Yes" just this "Yes"
to what's saying "Yes" within)

meanwhile she flies away
she dances the night starry
starry bright she rides the
dirt-roads she plays piano
in songs moonshine-fed night
come on and go down with me
walking the dirt-roads
hearing stories made out of
music that sounds across
the plains shadow-filled lands
through my veins ghost-filled
doo-doo-doo's accompanied
by guitar and voice singing
of life-cycles around the sun
but then ....."let's try something
else" ..... something about a woman
trying to open her doors of
perception and getting on
with the good times and paradise
names and systems pointless
where-in drop-outs who never
drop back in just lighting-up
eyes horn-playing here and now
waitresses watching her watching
tv in her trailer dropping out
never dropping in again keep
on swimming keep on trucking
the hippie-highway getting high
and laying low in this life
our own versions of the truth
answers unexplanable unspoken
centre of the universe eyes
blinded by the desert-sun
running free this time
forever more this highway
goes on a thousand miles
to stare holding on to dreams
crazy lover going astray
on dirt roads running free
this time forevermore
windows open thousand miles stare
nameless what you see
nameless what you are
looking for a free road
an open window a thousand
miles stare a warm breeze

-Egbert Hovenkamp II-

(*thanx to Maxi Jazz (Faithless))

All content © 2011 Egbert Hovencamp