This latest album from MARISA YEAMAN has taken a different musical approach and is more Americana than her previous albums. Her voice also has the specific edginess now, which is also new and helps give greater depth to the lyrics. As usual Marisa has drawn from all aspects of her life and those around her, giving reality and an honest openness to those lyrics. A warm night in Austin is pure Americana, albeit in Marisa's style, and the lazy guitar work is superb.

Age of Discovery has some great brush work by the percussionist and this fused with the lyrics and other instruments gives a deeper inner meaning to the track. For Sale is a track for this era of world recession and stands out like a newspaper article complete with a photograph of the destitution of our times-the gods of greed are given good mention. Montmartre Tonight has a great line in it..."absinthe in the shadows"; how many other singer/songwriters have this ability to see something and then to transpose it into words of simplicity? Not many. Marisa continues to excel on this album and her musicianship and writing lays everything out on a large canvas for all to enjoy.
Tony Bates

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'Voices from the Underground' - Marisa Yeaman
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