Marisa Yeaman: Australian with a Dutch heart

Marisa Yeaman was born and raised in Echuca. She is a singer-songwriter who releases her CD’s on her own label Deep Pearl Records. After three EP’s with demo’s and early band recordings, her two solo CD’s so far were released in 2005 (‘Pure Motive’) and 2008 (‘Roadmap Heart’). This last CD in particular, met with enthusiastic reactions in our country, resulting in a distribution deal with Sonic Rendezvous. Marisa’s third CD, ‘Voices from the underground’ is close to being finished and will be released this coming March. We talk about her Australian background, her new CD and her enthusiasm for our country. At the moment Marisa and her partner have rented an apartment in Scheveningen (The Hague) and plan to base themselves here for the foreseeable future.

A bird eye’s view of Marisa.

Marisa was born in Echuca, a town of appr. 13000 inhabitants, 200 kilometers north of Melbourne. It is built on the banks of Australia’s largest River, the Murray river, and possesses the largest inland harbor of the country, once the home to many steamboats. When Marisa was four her parents decided to tour the country with their two daughters in a caravan. Marisa’s father, a building constructor, died when she was 13. Marisa’s mother, is a piano teacher. Marisa now considers herself lucky to have travelled her country extensively at such a young age.

Back at home her parents played a lot of acoustic music. They loved jazz guitarists like Charlie Byrd. Cat Stevens was another favorite. They didn’t play much Australian music, at that time mainly ‘pub rock’ bands were popular and Marisa’s parents weren’t into that kind of music. The Australian Music scene has always been a ‘small musical world’ with it’s own unique influences according to Marisa. In the outback area’s radio mostly played lots of American country music.

Marisa started writing early, firstly with poems. After that it is only a small step towards songwriting. Until now Marisa has written over 300 original songs, the lyrics stem mainly from her own ‘Book of life’. All individuals pass a number of diverse phases or periods in their lives. Through the years you meet many interesting people and go through special experiences. It looks a lot like the seasons!.

Marisa’s music.

Marisa’s music is a beautiful mixture of folk, country and rock, her lyrics belong to the better segment. Marisa states she continues her walk of life, on this third full CD, ‘Voices from the underground’. All twelve original songs are recorded in Australia, the mastering is done in B. J. Baartmans’ studio in The Netherlands. The songs tell us about the ‘extra-ordinary’ people Marisa has met, and had conversations with over the last couple of years, of course including Europeans. The accompanying musicians are some of whom were active on her successful second CD, and some new faces. We have Dave Steel on guitars/dobro/harmonica, Matthew Vehl/piano, Grant Cumberford/bass, Marcus Goodwin/backing vocals, Carl Dedic/lap steel and Garrett Costigan on pedal steel. New are drummer Dean Matters and trumpet player Tristan Ludowijk (Dutch roots!). Sonic Rendezvous again takes care of distribution. I can hardly wait.
(Fred Schmale)   Translated from the Dutch version. 

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