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an amazing folksinger, destined to grow, capable of instilling impressions so rare, with an aura of poetry”

— Roots Highway - Italy

Latest news

Unusual times we live in! Whilst the world holds its breath about how music and cultural events will move forward from the pandemic, I, like most artists, have been keeping busy with creative work. Though sometimes being a musician seems like a distant memory, I'm still writing and recording songs and also researching for a book, I have moved house, and we're spending time establishing a small sustainable farm in rural Burgundy. Sometimes I have daydreams about rooms full of people enjoying music like we used to. None of us know how long it will be until we can do that again, but I certainly miss it. The world seems quite monotone without the joy cultural events bring. It reminds me that live music is really precious, it connects us and lets us feel truly alive. I know one day soon it will be back, bigger and better. See you there.

Upcoming shows

I look forward to the time soon, when we can all share music together safely again in the same space....
until then educate, vaccinate, and stay safe.