Roadmap Heart



Australian born Marisa Yeaman deliberately let her music industry contract run out, so she could follow her own artistic path. Her latest album proves her right. There were a couple of pearls on her debut album from 2005, Pure Motive, but with Roadmap Heart she has chosen a more countrylike style that enables her to explore her talent even further. Her songs are beautiful and personal tales that reach right into the heart of the listener, like the Dylanesk 'Amsterdam Rain' that was written in the Netherlands. She has a magnificent voice that reminds of Shawn Colvin and Eliza Gilkyson. Yeaman is also a very humble performer who likes to play the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. If she’s around: go see her and meanwhile listen to Roadmap HeartHEAVEN MAGAZINE **** Harmen van Aurich 



'Heartfelt and honest, a roots based and lyrically strong second album. Amsterdam Rain is a pure lyrical delight. A record that grows and grows in stature with each hearing'. MAVERICK UK


" in my opinion the finest CD of 2008 of a female artist. A beautiful CD by a woman of flesh and blood, music made with passion." 
LUCKY DICE - The Netherlands 


"An amazing folksinger, destined to grow, capable of instilling impressions so rare, speaking of solitude, lost lovers, the passing of time, with an aura of poetry". ROOTSHIGHWAY - Italy


'Yeaman looks beneath the surface of human nature with the clarity and perception of a sage..' HYBRID MAGAZINE - USA 


FOUR STARS  'Like Pure Motive, Roadmap Heart is also an absolute 'must have'.' CTRLALTCOUNTRY - Belgium


''Time is cast' is Magnificent!' LE CRI DU COYOTE- France


'The songwriting of this Australian lady is truly amazing.' ROOTSTIME - Belgium 


'This album is an art in itself, full of wonderful works that can be viewed and interpreted in many different ways, thus making it a very personal one'  HIGHLANDS FM - Australia 


'Musically, Roadmap Heart resonates from a very high level.' MUSIKANSICH - Germany


'Her style is understated and sophisticated, poetic and enjoyable' ROOTSY - Sweden 


'A very gifted woman. Literary lyrics and beautiful roots-based music' COUNTRYSTARTPAGE - The Netherlands


'Yeaman's music celebrates the guitars, but there is also a rich harmony of creative musical instruments' HI FI CITY - Hungary


'The inspiration of her songs is not literary fiction, her authenticity comes from her own experiences, life experience that now pours into music' 


'With Roadmap Heart Marisa Yeaman has produced  a worthy follow-up for her much-lauded debut Pure Motive.' MAZZ MUSIKAS - Belgium 


'A brilliant Australian product that is beautifully produced, Roadmap Heart will end up being a number one Americana hit' 


'I've appreciated the whole album, it's hard to choose a favourite with all these nice songs - "Old Hotel Phone', 'Bonneville', 'Silent Murder' and 'Mantra' with its special atmosphere.' RWN NEWS - France


'The sound production on Roadmap Heart is flawless. The narrative and observationally literary songs leave a poetic impact which is far from meaningless.' REAL ROOTS CAFE - The Netherlands


FOUR STARS  Roadmap Heart is the worthy successor of the successful Pure MotiveKEYS AND CHORDS - Belgium


'The album has an elegant simplicity that speaks from the heart.' ULTIMATE GUITAR - USA