Art meets music

Dreams of Nature


In a true cross-pollination of art, in 2012 Marisa was invited by the Van Gogh Museum to write a song for the exhibition Dreams of Nature - Symbolism from Van Gogh to Kandinsky at the museum in Amsterdam. Marisa penned a song inspired by the painting 'Lake Keitele' by Finnish painter Akseli Gallen- Kallela. The painting is vivid celebration of nature, and 100 years earlier friend and fellow Finn, Jean Sibelius had written music inspired by his work.

The song Aurora was penned by Marisa, and was recorded in an afternoon at Wild Veerband Studio on Boxmeer, The Netherlands, with friend and celebrated Dutch guitarist BJ Baartmans. "When we finished recording, we both felt we had created something special, so we decided we would make it available for others who couldn't make it to the gallery in Amsterdam to see the exhibition," Marisa said. Dreams of Nature was visited by over 400,000 people during it's season.

"Art is life- religion - everything" -Akseli Gallen-Kallela

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© Photo by Rene Gerritsen

'Aurora' is about the creative quest, reflection, and the harmony we find in nature. All artists are on their own deeply personal journey, and our paths are unique, exploring our world, and sharing these reflections with others. Gallen-Kallela travelled the world before returning to his native Finland to build a studio in the woods. In the solitude, he said he would ‘listen to the leaves falling’ and work. ”

— Marisa